Mr. Francis Angueyah Ominde

County Secretary and Head of Public Service

The County Secretary's Message

The County Government of Vihiga has begun the journey to reform the County Public Service by embracing the performance Management System.
We inherited a system that was mostly handicapped, without structures and complete absence of set goals and clear motivation to achieve the set goals. This has been the major push and collective vision of the new administration under the stewardship of H.E. Dr. Wilber Ottichilo, Governor Vihiga County.
Vihiga County Public service is being reformed with the objective of delivering timely and quality results to the people of Vihiga county who are looking forward to timely positive change; the devolution experience.
To better deliver on the mandate of this second county government of Vihiga; a lean, effective and efficient workforce is the foundation. We have successfully conducted and completed a comprehensive staff audit of all county government of Vihiga employees. The audit was intended to define the staff establishment of Vihiga county, suitability of the staff, job description and job placement. For better service delivery, performance is the new focus as opposed to staff numbers.
An implementation framework of the audit from the Directorate of Personnel Management is getting ready to begin streamlining Vihiga county’s government workforce after the cabinet defines the parameters to guide the process. I wish to clarify that; the County Government has NOT and shall NOT lay off staff during the preparation of this report. However, staff employed on contract whose terms of engagement had lapsed were notified in writing of the expiry of their contracts in advance with the possibility of renewal to allow the implementation of the staff audit report. Once done, all available vacancies at the County Government of Vihiga will be announced/advertised to allow suitable candidates to tender their applications for the positions. It is however imperative the public is aware that; this does not imply that all whose contract expired will have their contracts renewed during that period. The employment after the implementation of the staff audit will be competitive and based on merit.
Some elements to be introduced in the Vihiga County public service include performance contracting, staff performance appraisals, spot awards, among others.
The County Top Management officials led by H.E Governor Dr. Wilber Ottichilo and H.E Deputy Governor Dr. Patrick Saisi are spearheading the restructuring of Vihiga county government structure and departmental mandates to allow prudent deployment of human resources across the 10 departments for better service delivery.

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