Prof. Justus Inonda Mwanje


Mr. Kamadi Dominic Luvavo

Chief Officer, Water​

Mrs. Immaculate Simiyu

Chief Officer, Environment, Energy and Natural Resources​

Department Profile
This department is one of the ten departments of Vihiga county government with the greatest potential to uplift the county.
Although Vihiga covers fewer square kilometers, it lies on many readily available resources that are yet to be utilized. The department intends to create wealth and employment through its vision: to have a clean and healthy environment for job and wealth creation. One of the long-term plans for the ministry is to reduce over dependence on agriculture and land for subsistence living through sustainable use of the environment and natural resources.

On matters of forestry, the county has initiated an ambitious plan of the planting of 300,000 trees in public primary schools and the planting of 8,000 indigenous seedlings at Emabungo and Maragoli Hills. It further plans to organize and budget for major clean-up of major urban centres and markets in Vihiga County on dedicated days of the month all year round as part of the County Environment Action Plan.

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Sub Departments & Their Mandates

The mandate of the sub department is to explore, plan, develop, control and manage water and sewerage systems in the county so as to meet MDGs & vision 2030 and ensure adherence to the constitution of Kenya

The sub department is mandated to ensure control and management of solid waste, control of sound, air and water sources pollution, rehabilitation and control of riparian land and water sources, control of natural resources exploitation (sand, rocks etc) and ensure development projects adherence to all statutory laws.

Forest and Natural resources
The mandate of the sub departments is control, converse and rehabilitate natural forests, community forests and to ensure 10% forest coverage through private and public participation.

Working together to satisfy Vihiga County residents’ water, sanitation, environment and forest needs.

To be the leading department in the county and beyond on service provision.

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