Eng. Kenneth Elavuna Keseko


Ms. Lucy Ijai Simiyu​

Chief Officer


In about forty years’ time, the rural households’ growth has doubled [NBO 1999] but still there is a mismatch between the demand and supply with respect to the housing sector. The issue of provision of shelter facilities to all is a challenging task and calls for immediate attention because of the diversified nature of the problems and magnitude. The United Nations Council for Human Settlement (UNCHS 2001) highlights the urgent need to provide shelters for the low-income population in urban and rural areas and in underprivileged sections of the developing countries.
The County Government will endeavor to maintain and renovate dilapidated civil servants and Institutional houses as well as developing new infrastructure. The Department of housing will lay emphasis on the application of appropriate building technologies in addressing acute shortage and high cost of housing through training, community sensitization, and collaborate with training institutions and development partners. More emphasis will be on provision of relevant infrastructure and services, and community participation in integrated approaches to upgrading, re-development and improvement programs to settlements.


I. Directorate of Physical Planning
The Directorate Physical Planning is charged with the responsibility of preparation of the County Spatial Plan, Local Physical Development Plans, Provision of advisory services on appropriate use of land and control of developments within the county. The core mandate of the department is spatial planning and regulation of physical developments within the county through the following functions;

  • Formulation of plans.
  • Preparation of Part Development Plans.
  • Development control.
  • Advisory services.
  • Conflict resolution on matters arising from County Spatial Planning.

II. Directorate of Housing and Urban Development
The roles of Housing Directorate in the current dispensation include;

  • Management of strategic County government houses
  • Acquisition of titles for strategic County Government houses
  • Technical advisory services to county/national government agencies
  • Implementation of social and physical infrastructure policies and strategies for slum upgrading
  • Carrying out County housing surveys
  • Office accommodation for both national and county government functions
  • Facilitating access to housing through various strategies and programmes
  • Audit for assets (housing) of the County government
  • Planning and development of Housing Infrastructure Projects
  • Promote research, identification and dissemination of information on appropriate low-cost building materials and technologies and best practices
  • Identification, implementation and management of projects in slums and informal settlements
  • Improve living standards (roads, provision of water, sewerage system, electricity, sanitation, garbage)
  • Collection points and income generating activities
  • Conducting research on housing and human settlement
  • Maintenance and security of Government houses (both pool and institutional)
  • Facilitating dispute resolution among landlord-tenants in controlled residential tenancy

III. The Directorate of Lands and Survey
The main services offered are processing mutation surveys and assisting the county land registrar on technical matters pertaining to boundary disputes. Most of the area is covered under general boundaries thus there is a tendency to experience disputes that include:

  • Policy formulation for management and administration of land.
  • Determination of land and boundary disputes
  • Valuation of land and assets and various purposes
  • Provision of reliable land information.

To improve livelihoods of civil servants and the general public through provision of well managed houses and office accommodation and enhance the use of technology in the housing sector.

To Provide Excellent, Affordable, Adequate and Quality Civil Servants Housing and County Government offices in Vihiga County

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