Tourism potential remains untapped in Vihiga. During the plan period the county government aims to revamp the sector to ensure Vihiga becomes a top tourist destination in the Western Kenya circuit. To achieve this, efforts will be made to aggressively market the tourism potential in the county as well as expand the bed capacity in the existing hotels in Chavakali, Luanda, Majengo, Mago and Mbale.

Measures will also be made to create new high value niche products e.g. cultural tourism, eco-sports and forest resorts. The sector seeks to harness the existing tourism potential that include; Kibiri forests, Maragoli hills, the hill of vision, the Mungoma cave, bird’s sanctuary, Wagevere rocks embossed with “Jesus” foot prints in Matsigulu and the rich Maragoli, Banyore and Tiriki cultures Besides, opportunity exists in the investments in more conference facilities given the proximity of Kisumu.

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